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not losing myself


read this today and thought about how motherhood has evolved for myself.

Part of being a great mom is being happy with yourself and having separate interests other than your baby. Yes, your children will be at the center of your universe, but it’s okay to go to the gym and want to stay in shape. It’s okay to meet up with your friends for a girl’s night out. And it’s okay to have fun without them. And it’s okay to work while they are being taken care of by others you trust.

i had to admit that i didn’t really get this when i only had rafael. i literally ran home after work every day to spend every possible minute with him, and i think i only went out once or twice without him to meet friends in the weekday evenings. interestingly it was only when i had a second child that i started to liberate myself from my mother role. maybe it’s because i recognise i couldn’t have 100% attention for anyone anyway. maybe it’s because we finally had a helper who enabled us to put down the kids literally any time.

i remember i left heather to our helper and went out for a quiet breakfast with mac when she was like a week old. and since then, i have been having these “motherhood getaways”, with or without mac, more and more often.  i had to say, it really feels good to be able to give your friends the attention that they deserve at gatherings. and it is absolutely awesome to be able to hold your husband’s hands while enjoying a non-cartoon movie, or simply to conduct some decent conversation with him while eating at a dai pai dong.

as my dear friend said, these little getaways could turn out to be a powerful source of energy that help us become a better mother.




pinterest is not only convenient, but also pure eye candy with a continuous flow of beautiful pics and ideas. i have this board collecting quotes and i love to go there whenever i feel blue or need a pat on the shoulder.

this one is by far my #1  favourite. : )

Good Moms Have Sticky Floors, Dirty Ovens, and Happy Kids

oh hello, me!


i love the word juggle. i think there’s not a better word to describe what a mother’s life is about.

take me as an example. i’m a wife and a mother, a daughter and a daughter-in-law, a sister and a sister-in-law, an employer and an employee, a team leader and a subordinate… of course there’s only me playing all these roles, but at the end of the day, it seems there’s not much of myself left after fulfilling the many obligations of these roles.

time flies so fast and so many things happen a day that i don’t only forget what i ate last night, or when was the last time i had a date with my husband… but also a lot of my feelings and thoughts about the things that happened to me, or to this world.

it’s interesting that once you become a mother, it gets so easy to forget about yourself. i hope this little space will remind me to say hello to myself, at least once in a while.