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people tend to say that i have a lot of patience. and that’s because they haven’t seen me losing patience at you.

do we all have a patience quota? if we do, i think i probably used up mine on the kids and other people… isn’t it strange sometimes we can treat our most beloved worse than a stranger.

no matter what, just want to let you know that i love you.


new york


is it because of woody allen or sex and the city? i’ve only been to new york once like 15 years ago (oh my) and i barely know anyone there (except for the brother & sister-in-law of a very close friend), but my heart is always tied to the city somehow.

two posts from my favourite nyc bloggers on the hurricane sandy to share. i really like that they are grateful for what they have but not complain about what they don’t. maybe it’s because they are the blessed ones who aren’t too affected apart from power shortage. but really, as sherry said, when a city is hit by a disaster, the humanity shown in its people is one important factor to tell if the city can revive from the devastation.

best wishes for the new yorkers.