a rough november


it had not been an easy month… starting off with a terrible mistake at work, then heather getting bronchitis, followed by a big event at work… felt like i have used up all my energy and have nothing left for any other stuff. there’s no mood for writing, and i have even given up my regular jogging.

december is quietly here. time to regain my strength to wrap up the year and prepare for the coming one. 


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  1. how cute and loving that your hubby would write a blog with you together :)…
    I like the name Heather (often prefer girls’ names not being too girly or boys’ names not being too boyish). Many years ago, I was walking in Spain in the hill. My travel companion was looking for heather, the flower, to bring back home for a friend. That’s the first time I learned about heather the flower. Ever since, it’s become a common joke to us that whatever little purple flowers we see, we call it “heather”, for the hunt for heather in Spain was so vigorous, and we kept saying to any purple flowers, “Is that heather? is that heather?”
    Anyways, great choice your husband has made.
    Rafael remains me of the famous Italian painter. I visited his birth place and home town this past summer. 🙂

    • thanks for sharing the story! actually i don’t know if i can recognise the flower myself if i see it! : )

      and yes i share your preference as well! girls’ names not being too girly or boys’ names not being too boyish. i had to agree my husband made pretty good choices for the kids! : )

      happy new year btw!

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