Monthly Archives: January 2013

small businesses


it is so sad that small businesses and family-run restaurants, particularly stores that had survived for tens of years were shut down one by one because of the soaring rent. will there be one day that lonely planet doesn’t need to have a section for food recommendations for different districts in hong kong, because just a two-pager listing all the names of the chains will already do?

when we travel to another place, we often want to sample the culture there through its food and historic restaurants, cafes, or even food stalls. i wonder, how much of our culture is left? or has our culture actually changed, before we know, even if we don’t want to admit. maybe this is what evolution is about.

one of my new year resolutions is to frequent more small businesses. so far i have been doing quite well on meals. it is quite a blessing there are still a few non-chain choices in admiralty where i work, really need to treasure them. i had to admit, one of the biggest temptation for me is mcdonalds, where there’s one just one block away from my office. “i’m lovin’ it” for the food (my favourite is filet-o-fish!), the price and the childhood memories. i’ve done without it so far this month. maybe i’ll treat myself one next month (who on earth will treat herself with a mcdonald’s meal?!). : )


jogging and reading


this is the first time i heard about the term difficult pleasure.

thanks to mac, i jogged four days in a row this week (after a sluggish long break from nov and dec). it indeed makes one feel good after doing some exercise. and if i’m lucky, i even get to enjoy beautiful sunrise like this.

and recently i’ve started something new when jogging. i found this audible website where i can download audio books and got a free copy of jane eyre as a trial. it worked – i finished 4 and a half chapters in 2 days from jogging about 45 minutes each day. you wouldn’t be able to ponder on a particular phrase like when you read, but it is a convenient way to read more. and do you know that if you also get the kindle book (many classics have free kindle versions), you can switch between listening and reading whenever you wish? i haven’t tried but it sounds quite a handy feature. many classics seem to have cheap audible audio edition. i’ve hardly read any classic books so i’m hoping i can “read” some using this bonus time, that is if i can continue to get out of my bed early.

and more about reading. i’m eyeing on the kindle paperwhite. i think i should get it for myself as a valentine’s day (or chinese new year) present, haha. isn’t it convenient that we have excuses to buy something because we have celebrations all year round? : P

speaking about valentine’s day, this is a cute way to express your love to someone. and here‘s an idea for busy parents who can’t afford a decent date.



i’m quite fascinated by this website about the US presidential inauguration that i came across today. a post about the inauguration luncheon’s menu brought me there. do you know that they have all the recipes presented and even got the wines listed? then i began clicking through the other pages. it’s full of information, from the history to the bibles used, and they even explained why january 21 is the date. it’s really interesting. i was just a bit disappointed that they didn’t upload the official photographs there, but it just takes a click or two to find them on the white house website.

i don’t have particular sentiments towards americans, but i find these little personal touches to their government and political figures quite amiable.

then i began thinking what about our leaders? i did a little research. our chief executive’s inauguration was pretty much summed up in a press release of four paragraphs, and we also get to know his full speech. what about the president of PRC? i tried searching quite a while on the official PRC government website and google, i could find his speech in a number of news websites, but otherwise no other information. i finally found something interesting after more research. it’s the inauguration website of the taiwan president. of course the information is much more basic there compared to the US one.

while the scale of the inauguration or nation/place contributes to the difference, i guess mentality is certainly another thing. telling people the menu and recipes? i just don’t think the subject is ever on the mind of some people.

and i wonder, does the difference have anything to do with how the leader was selected? i am waiting to witness the inauguration of our chief executive in 2017.

new year


it seems december was passed in a blink. heather was sick (for twice), there were christmas concerts, holidays, gatherings and a family trip – that’s pretty much all i can remember.

2012 was quite a eventful year, with rafael getting to primary school and heather getting to pre-nursery class. then we sold a flat and bought a new one. oh and we got a new helper too. wow.

when i look back, there’s honestly nothing more i really want to ask for. we have a pretty decent home, we have a (mostly) loving family, both mac and i got a stable job (though i wish i can choose not to have one, ha), and everyone we love are mostly healthy.

if i have to make some goals for the new year, i really wish i can be a better person. eat more veggies and less meat (trying to do 3 veggie breakfast and 3 veggie lunch a week), shop more at small businesses, call mom & dad more etc. it should be great if i can lose 10 pounds too, haha. i’ll work hard on all.

have a great 2013 everyone.