new year


it seems december was passed in a blink. heather was sick (for twice), there were christmas concerts, holidays, gatherings and a family trip – that’s pretty much all i can remember.

2012 was quite a eventful year, with rafael getting to primary school and heather getting to pre-nursery class. then we sold a flat and bought a new one. oh and we got a new helper too. wow.

when i look back, there’s honestly nothing more i really want to ask for. we have a pretty decent home, we have a (mostly) loving family, both mac and i got a stable job (though i wish i can choose not to have one, ha), and everyone we love are mostly healthy.

if i have to make some goals for the new year, i really wish i can be a better person. eat more veggies and less meat (trying to do 3 veggie breakfast and 3 veggie lunch a week), shop more at small businesses, call mom & dad more etc. it should be great if i can lose 10 pounds too, haha. i’ll work hard on all.

have a great 2013 everyone.


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  1. I have not read your personal blog for a while, it’s always refreshing reading your writing. I really don’t know how you can seem to juggle everything so well. Just want to tell u I laugh when I saw you wrote “shop more at small business”…. I thought you meant to write “shop less…” ^_^ by the way, hope Heather is well by now. Poor little girl… but I’m sure they are much stronger than what we think. Keep up with your great writing (no pressure)

    • thanks for your compliments, sabrina. heather is okay now, will be extra careful with her since she really got a weak respiratory system! : )

      don’t you realise i just presented the good things? ask mac if you want to find out how messy i am. i’m sure he can speak for hours. : )

      btw, writing here is a good exercise to save my deteriorating english from writing too much template and boring stuff at work!

      have a great weekend!

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