jogging and reading


this is the first time i heard about the term difficult pleasure.

thanks to mac, i jogged four days in a row this week (after a sluggish long break from nov and dec). it indeed makes one feel good after doing some exercise. and if i’m lucky, i even get to enjoy beautiful sunrise like this.

and recently i’ve started something new when jogging. i found this audible website where i can download audio books and got a free copy of jane eyre as a trial. it worked – i finished 4 and a half chapters in 2 days from jogging about 45 minutes each day. you wouldn’t be able to ponder on a particular phrase like when you read, but it is a convenient way to read more. and do you know that if you also get the kindle book (many classics have free kindle versions), you can switch between listening and reading whenever you wish? i haven’t tried but it sounds quite a handy feature. many classics seem to have cheap audible audio edition. i’ve hardly read any classic books so i’m hoping i can “read” some using this bonus time, that is if i can continue to get out of my bed early.

and more about reading. i’m eyeing on the kindle paperwhite. i think i should get it for myself as a valentine’s day (or chinese new year) present, haha. isn’t it convenient that we have excuses to buy something because we have celebrations all year round? : P

speaking about valentine’s day, this is a cute way to express your love to someone. and here‘s an idea for busy parents who can’t afford a decent date.


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  1. oh, kindle paperwhite is great, get one to treat yourself.
    can’t imagine i can listen to the classics when jogging, maybe i should try it!

    • Thanks for letting me know about the paperwhite. I just needed that extra push to click “proceed to check out”! :p

      Hope you will enjoy listening to books! Sometimes I listen to the podcast of 一分鐘閱讀 while jogging and this is my first attempt at audio books. Honestly you won’t be able to grasp 100% of the words, but i think it’s a good way to train up listening skills. I also imagine myself listening to storytelling like my kids. : )

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