small businesses


it is so sad that small businesses and family-run restaurants, particularly stores that had survived for tens of years were shut down one by one because of the soaring rent. will there be one day that lonely planet doesn’t need to have a section for food recommendations for different districts in hong kong, because just a two-pager listing all the names of the chains will already do?

when we travel to another place, we often want to sample the culture there through its food and historic restaurants, cafes, or even food stalls. i wonder, how much of our culture is left? or has our culture actually changed, before we know, even if we don’t want to admit. maybe this is what evolution is about.

one of my new year resolutions is to frequent more small businesses. so far i have been doing quite well on meals. it is quite a blessing there are still a few non-chain choices in admiralty where i work, really need to treasure them. i had to admit, one of the biggest temptation for me is mcdonalds, where there’s one just one block away from my office. “i’m lovin’ it” for the food (my favourite is filet-o-fish!), the price and the childhood memories. i’ve done without it so far this month. maybe i’ll treat myself one next month (who on earth will treat herself with a mcdonald’s meal?!). : )


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  1. join u in supporting small business. when I visited Paris for the first time, the very thing that attracted me wasn’t the effel towel, wasn’t shopping, wasn’t its romantic ambiance,… rather, it’s all the unique small shops: one sells only pork, one sells only cigarettes, one sells only paper… so charming, so human, so unlike any big cities I have been to.

    • oh it will be easy for you… i think there are no non-small businesses on your island? 😛

      btw i love paris too! and the best thing is, those shops will probably be still there if you visit the city again!

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