mother and wife


it was my 7th year celebrating mother’s day as a mother last sunday. coincidentally, it was also our 7th wedding anniversary. (in case anyone is wondering and doing calculations, rafael was born in feb 2007, 9 months after our wedding.)

i know this is really cliche, but i have to say, i just can’t believe how time flies and i have become a mother for more than 6 years.

6 years down and i am still learning to strike a good balance between being a mother and a wife (and a daughter and daughter-in-law etc). don’t you think somehow there’s a contradiction in these roles? it’s not rare that all three of them in the house are asking for my attention at the same time. mac might want a cuddle (yes he’s sweet sometimes) while the other two kids doing different activities both want my company. i really should say it’s both an honour and a blessing to be wanted by three people at once, but you know, at times when all of them three are grumbling, you just want to walk away to keep yourself sane.

and i have to admit that, having kids can lead to more argument (though more laughter at the same time). parenting styles, way of speaking to kids, grandparents’ intervention etc can all ignite arguments and negative feelings.

anyways. i hope i won’t forget that i’m a wife too while sometimes being overwhelmed by my motherly role. and i hope we will both remember where it all started, that we built this family together because we love each other.

looking forward to celebrating more mother’s days and anniversaries with you my dearest buddies and love. : )

i was totally surprised on sunday morning when one of my buddy/love made this mother’s day breakfast for me.


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  1. it is so true that sometimes we have to learn wonderful jiggling skills…it takes time and a lot of patience. A very good reminder that we should always put our husband first before the kids…:)

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