i just had my last 3x birthday. we happened to be in thailand this year and i spent the whole day dipping in and plunging (i had my first experience in jumping off a low cliff!) into the pool with mac and the kids. it was a great day for me.

i had been thinking about the approach of the 40th birthday for a few years. it still feels a bit daunting to go on the next age group but i have decided to welcome it with pride. my girlfriends and i have been plannning to go on a girls’ trip to celebrate our big year and i really hope we can make it despite family and work commitments. i tried my first 10km race when i turned 30 and i’m hoping to challenge myself on the 40th too. a half marathon seems a bit too much… hmm, maybe i’ll challenge myself to return my weight of 9x pounds when i was pre-30. haha, that would be really nice!

mac is not the celebration kind of guy but he actually booked a nice restaurant in pattaya on my birthday night more than one month ahead. it was really sweet of him.

i was the lazy one who didn’t prepare anything for mac’s birthday yesterday. hope to do better next year! : )


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    • you’re welcome! btw, i forgot to mention, i think my highschool colleague wynne is your colleague. i probably first heard of your beautiful stuff via her fb.

    • 肉臂一隻也可引來暇想? 😛

      到處留言揍B應該上了軌道吧? 祝你有覺好瞓啊!

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