Monthly Archives: October 2013



mac and i enrolled in standard chartered‘s half marathon race yesterday. i really don’t know what gave me the guts to do so. i guess i really needed some push recently and i also wanted that challenge for my big 40th birthday next year. anyhow, i haven’t been running since may (i blame the hot weather) and i honestly need to start training for the 21-km race.

it’s one of those days that i really miss the kids while at work. heather has changed to the pm class due to the school bus issue and every morning she cries and begs me to stay home with her. i know this stage will pass – it probably will pass very soon too – and that’s why i so badly wanted to be with her at this moment, while she still needs me. rafael used to cry too but he has already succumbed to the reality for quite a while. oh how i wish i can travel back in time.

don’t worry, i’ll soon get a grip on myself.  i have this put up in my office cubicle:

“life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

yeah, i’ll learn to dance, or maybe i should even learn to run in the rain.