new york


is it because of woody allen or sex and the city? i’ve only been to new york once like 15 years ago (oh my) and i barely know anyone there (except for the brother & sister-in-law of a very close friend), but my heart is always tied to the city somehow.

two posts from my favourite nyc bloggers on the hurricane sandy to share. i really like that they are grateful for what they have but not complain about what they don’t. maybe it’s because they are the blessed ones who aren’t too affected apart from power shortage. but really, as sherry said, when a city is hit by a disaster, the humanity shown in its people is one important factor to tell if the city can revive from the devastation.

best wishes for the new yorkers.


&*$%@#… i love you (2)


i am really glad both of us remembered (and were willing) to say “i love you” when we expressed our unhappy feelings today. it does make a difference.

what gloomy weather. i was trying to look for a song to cheer myself up this morning but was lead to these two songs somehow. i guess sometimes it’s okay to indulge in some beautiful gloominess.



learnt about this h&m-unicef collaboration today and i already have a few items on my wishlist…

this pair of gold-dipped ballerina flats are too cute!!! i wish they have my size.

a cardigan in rafael’s favourite colour!

i just got a new teepee for the kids but it’s hard to resist this playtent! (seems it’s very compact when folded!)

the whole collection is here.

i think i’m a born shopaholic. one good thing about being a parent is that children grow out of their clothes constantly and you have a perfect excuse (and need) to add things to their wardrobe. : )

freedom of expression


saw falun gong protesting in admiralty on my way to work this morning and i was suddenly quite touched by the scene – i saw policemen politely leading the way and helping the protestors making their way through the commuters-packed malls, and trying to balance the interests of both the protestors and passers-by.

i don’t quite identify with what the protestors are preaching, but i’m really really glad to see that everyone of us has the freedom to express our views in this city in a civilised manner. and this freedom is really something we need to fight for should it be threatened in the future.



my iphone was dead for 4+ hours this morning and rafael missed his school bus mostly due to no one was able to contact me (a long story…).

and i had a bit of panic when i found out about the phone (and i did only after rafael missed his school bus). i was lucky since i got a blackberry from office and i can divert all calls to the office device (i learnt to do it remotely this morning!). but one big problem is i don’t remember most of my contacts, not even my parents’ mobile numbers… 

the phone was revived now (i googled and followed some steps) but who knows when it will be dead again! and it really made me reflect on how dependent my life is upon modern technology.

on the day of condolence


Hope in Heaven’s Day

Grief be mine, I ask you so,
If not for you, I wouldn’t know,
How life once was and then be still,
How so precious, that death do steal.
Because that grief, won’t go away,
Learn to let it have its way.
The link to love, a precious one,
Is met with grief and still not done.
The days do come, and nights do go,
Grief will stay as time is so.
And so a loved one passes on,
And grief comes in and carries on.
Does grief get better, I will ask,
It’s hard to say, while at its task.
There is grief to help us cope,
There is God to give us hope.
Grief will surely go away,
On that glorious heaven’s day.
But while its here, there’s just one thing,
Pray our Lord, for peace he’ll bring.

by Arlene Dery (source)

one of those days


it’s one of those days when everyone in the family except me is still awake, enjoying the quietness of the night. and i feel particularly blessed tonight with everyone, families and friends, being safe on their beds. we are so fragile and it could easily be not one of those days we take for granted…

may the deceased rest in peace, the injured be healed and the bereaved be blessed with the courage to live on.

early bird


i know i’m a schizophrenic. as much as i’m an owl, i’ve always wanted and enjoyed to be an early bird as well.

just before eslite’s 24-hour-open weekend promotion finished, i grabbed the chance to visit the bookshop in the early hours on a saturday morning. it’s actually not that difficult getting up. i have always need to go to the office at 6.30am about once a week, and now that rafael is going to primary school, we wake up at 6ish all weekdays.

i love the trip. i really love it. i only got to stay in the shop for a little more than an hour (because i know the kids would probably have woke up at 7ish), but it’s really an interesting experience. i literally own the place! i decided to reward myself for being an early bird and bought a basket of books without much looking at the price tag (well, if there’s only one shopping frenzy you can choose to indulge in, buying books would be the best of all, right?). : )

i love having a nice bookshop in town. we can definitely buy books with one click, but bumping into a book is a totally different experience. i love the huge selection at eslite and how it arranges chinese and english books of the same subject in one place. it’s crowded normally, yes it is, but i guess if we want it to sustain in here, we do need a crowd.

at the end of the trip, i felt like i was granted two bonus hours for the day. hmm… i really need to do this more often. guess there can be no more bookshop trips (heard eslite is only going to extend the normal closing hours), but having a stroll in the park or doing some quiet reading/handicraft sound equally nice.


p.s. just remember that i cannot be too excited about my plan yet… as much as i wake up earlier than usual, the kids actually tend to wake up at 6ish on weekends too…

p.p.s. thanks to my beloved husband and friend j for the morning trip idea. i originally planned to do the visit after midnight, but both of them suggested that i might think about going in the morning instead. it actually turned out better this way!

drawing the line


another post to share from one of my favourite bloggers.

though rafael (and of course heather) didn’t really know or talk about our blog, i have been pondering about this once in a while too.

i think our concern is not as immense as we only have a very small pool of readers, but still, everything is in the open domain. hmm… need to think about this.